Power Grid Resilience 2017

Ensuring energy Security by Optimizing the Energy Mix, Reassessing Next Generation Load

Balancing and Innovative Energy Storage

Energy security is a contentious topic at the moment, fuelled by political agendas and generating heated debate around the potential of renewables. The consequences of the energy mix are far reaching, impacting the grid, generators, users – individuals and large energy users ,the environment, feed stock and future jobs and productivity.

Power Grid Resilience 2017 will focus on ensuring energy security by optimizing the energy mix, reassessing next generation load balancing and innovative energy storage. It will bring together stakeholders from government, policy makers, generation, distribution, retail and large scale energy users.

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Key Topics in 2017 Include:


Re-evaluating policy and regulations to support and drive network stabilization


Optimising the energy mix and investigating innovative storage technologies


Building resilience of interconnects


Effectively managing outages in times of weather related infrastructure damage


Real time data, analytics and forecasting to plan ahead of sever weather conditions – preventing outages


Exploring on-grid storage and integration to build resilience

Why Attend?

Looking beyond the policy and regulation and exploring case studies on building grid resilience

Gain a holistic perspective with insights from Regulators, Government bodies, Generators and Networks

Build your professional network of decision makers and senior executives through interactive sessions, panel discussions, champagne roundtables, workshops and more

Learn from over 20+ expert speakers

Who will you meet?

Government & Regulators including:


Heads of Policy


Head of Renewable Energy


Head of Energy Security

Energy Generators:


EGM New Energy


EGM Operations


EGM Energy Markets


Head of Policy and Regulation


Head of Generation Operations


Head of Solar, PVs, Wind and Renewable



EGM of Network Services


EGM of Asset Management


Head of Substations


Head of Transmission

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