Power Grid Resilience 2017

Ensuringenergy Security by Optimizing the Energy Mix, Reassessing Next Generation Load

Balancing and InnovativeEnergy Storage

Energy security is a contentious topic at the moment, fuelled by political agendas and generating heated debate around the potential of renewables. The consequences of the energy mix are far reaching, impacting the grid, generators, users – individuals and large energy users , the environment, feed stock and future jobs and productivity.

Power Grid Resilience 2017 will focus on ensuring energy security by optimizing the energy mix, reassessing next generation load balancing and innovative energy storage. It will bring together stakeholders from government, policy makers, generation, distribution, retail and large scale energy users.The program aims to create a roadmap to build energy security by: -

  • Revaluatingpolicy and regulations
  • Optimisingthe energy mix and investigating storage
  • Balancedemand and supply
  • Boostingload shedding efficiency
  • Buildingresilience of interconnects
  • Preventingand managing damage due natural and man made disasters

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