21-23 August 2017 | Melbourne, VIC

Professor Gerard Ledwich

Chair in Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Queensland University of Technology

Prof Ledwich has been at QUT since 1999 and is currently Discipline leader for Power Engineering as well as Theme Leader in the Institute for Future Environments. The Power Engineering Discipline covers the fields of power system with studies in risk managed distribution planning, wide area controls for transmission and in demand management and this is a strong focus for Prof Ledwich’s research.

The power electronics area of his research covers the control of microgrids, power hardware in the loop. The other aspect of his power engineering research is in the equipment area where there is research on the on-line condition monitoring of oil-paper insulation. The power engineering group led by Prof Ledwich is a leading winner of ARC funds nationally and has established good relations with many industries nationally and other universities worldwide.

4:25 PM Planning for an New Grid Future: Ensuring Energy Security with the Trend towards Democratisation of Energy Consumption

Going off -the-grid isn’t a new idea. Energy companies have been experimenting with the idea of going off the grid in remote areas for a while to minimize the risk of disruption in bad weather and bush fires. And also in a bid to control costs. With developments in energy storage and renewables. As well as the rise of the conscientious end user, there is a rising trend towards going off the grid – reducing energy costs and giving users more control on their energy consumption. This session will explore the impact on the energy markets, competitiveness, cost per unit from the grid perspective. It will investigate how policy and regulations need to evolve to address these changes and focus on creating a roadmap.

  • The effect of users, both large energy users and homes moving of the grid by embracing independent generation and renewables
  • The impact on cost per unit
  • Will the grid still be relevant and how does it need to evolve
  • Peer-to-peer and Peer-to-grid
  • Collaborating with users to optimize energy security

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